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The Greater Goods will take you through the process of making cold-process soap with natural ingredients for a bar that's all your own.

Our two-hour workshop will be held in our Greenpoint studio, all materials included to make about 1lb of soap. 

Sign up here.

Class Notes:

Please feel free to bring your own 16oz container to use as your soap mold. It must be water-tight and flexible so you can easily take the soap out after it's hardened. A few examples are: a paper milk carton, paper cup, or flexible silicone mold. 

I would like to mention that we will all be handling Lye! Lye, or Sodium Hydroxide, is a necessary ingredient for soap making, but it needs to be handled with care. We will provide short gloves, safety goggles and an apron for your protection.

Please let us know if you have any allergies, we will be working with natural materials, nut oils and particles, and using latex gloves. If you give us a heads up, we'd be happy to accommodate!

We might get a little messy and since we'll be working with oils, please wear something comfortable that you don't mind getting soap stuff on.